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Bloom Size        Bloom Type        Color Abbreviations


 Giant AA  Over 10" in diameter
 Large A Over 8 to 10 inches in diameter
 Medium B Over 6 to 8 inches in diameter
 Small BB Over 4 to 6 inches in diameter
 Miniature M Up to 4 inches in diameter
 Ball BA  Up to 4 inches in diameter
 Miniature Ball MB Over 2 to 3.5 inches in diameter
Pompon P Up to 2 inches in diameter
 Mignon Single MS Up to 2 inches in diameter


AN- Anemone-Flowering- One or more rows of ray florets surround a center of elongated tubular discflorets.

BA-BALL- Blooms are ball shaped with uniform florets, involute for most of their length, and fully involute for more than half their length.

C-STRAIGHT CACTUS- Ray florets are narrow at the base, straight, uniform in legnth and reflex towards the stem, radiating uniformly in all directions from the center.

CO-COLLARETTE- A bloom will have a single row of flat or slightly cupped ray florets arranged on a flat plane, the ray florets will uniformly overlad, preferable in the same direction.

FD-FORMAL DECORATIVE- Ray florets are generally flat, broad, and smooth in a regular arrangement.

IC-INCURVED CACTUS- Ray florets are pointed, uniform in length; they uniformly curve toward the fact of the bloom.

ID-INFORMAL DECORATIVE- Ray florets are twisted, curled or wavy, and of uniform size in irregular arrangement.

LC-LACINIATED- Ray florets are split at the tip.

MB-MINIATURE BALL- Except for size, miniature ball and ball dahlias possess the same for features.

MS-MIGNON SINGLE- Mignon single dahlias possess the same formation as single dahlias except the have round ray floret tips.

NO-NOVELTY OPEN (disk) CENTER- Dahlias with characteristics distinct and different from the present classifications. The center should be open.

NX-NOVELTY DOUBLE CENTER- Dahlias with characteristics distinct and different from the present classifications are classified as novelty dahlias. The center should be closed.

O-ORCHID FLOWERING- A single row of uniform, evenly spaced ray florets arranged in a flat plane surround the disc flowers.

P-POMPON FLOWERING- Except for size, the are similar to the ball description.

PE-PEONY FLOWERING- Two or more rows of ray florets surround the disc flowers. Ray florets adjacent to the disc flowers may be smaller, twisted, and/or curled.

S-SINGLE- The bloom has a single row of flat or slightly cupped ray florets arranged in a flat plane.

SC-SEMI-CACTUS- Ray florets are broad at the base, straight or incurved, and reflex toward the stem in a regular and uniform arrangement.

ST- STELLAR- Ray florets break gradually from immature florets to fully developed outer ray florets. The outer florets should be narrow and involute with a slight re curve to the stem.

WL-WATERLILY- The bloom should be fully double and symmetrical; the side view should be flat to saucer-shaped in arrangement, and the layer of florets should be open faced to give a delicate appearance. The center should be closed and dome-shaped.


BI Bicolor
BR Bronze
DB Dark Blend
DP Dark Pink
DR Dark Red
FL Flame
L Lavender
LB Light blend
OR Orange
PK Pink
PR Purple
R Red
V Variegated
W White
Y Yellow

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